Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lilly for Target + Lilly After Party Sale

I'm sure y'all have heard about the Lilly collaboration at Target! Lilly and Target are two of my brands, so I'm so excited for this partnership! I will be waiting at the door at 8 am when the collection debuts on April 19th haha! Here are some sneak peeks of the collaboration: 

I cannot wait for the home items! I definitely want some of those napkins and placemats! I am SO, SO, SO excited! 

Speaking of Lilly, how did y'all do during the Lilly After Party Sale?! I started trying to log on at 7:55 and the site went live for me at 7:59. Thankfully, I was never put in the "que," but I heard it was a nightmare. Here's what I ordered: 

Obviously I love Escapades in the Everglades haha! And I ordered these from a Dillard's sale the week before the Lilly After Party Sale: 

I snagged the tunic for half of the price that it was selling for during the After Party Sale! How did y'all do during the sale? Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Miss Southern Prep
*Images via Instagram and Google 


  1. I have mixed feelings about the Target promo. I mean, it will be nice to get the home items especially, but would the original Lilly like it?

    I got right on, but had an issue with things selling out as I was checking out. That was a bummer, but otherwise it was a good sale!

  2. Wow you got lots if cute things! I got a few things - dress travel pants and Murfee. Nothing crazy!

  3. Soooo many cute things!



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