Monday, November 10, 2014

Utilizing Your Wardrobe Basics

I really believe that your clothes should work for you. Not only should they flatter your body type, but you should have a few basic pieces that can be dressed up or down, mixed with prints, and easily transition seasons (at least in the workplace). I think three of these pieces are a classic blazer, a LBD, and a pencil skirt. Here are some looks I put together featuring these classics: 

Utilizing Your Basics: The Pencil Skirt
I have a fabulous pencil skirt from Old Navy that's stretchy. It's so comfortable, and I dress it up and down for work, depending on what we're doing that day! 

Utilizing Your Basics: Black Blazer
I love dressing blazers down with leggings or denim. 

Utilizing Your Basics: The LBD
I absolutely LOVE LBDs. I have one fab one that I wear to work at least every other week. I love the looks on the left for work, but this LBD could easily be dressed up for a cocktail party or nigh out. 

In order for these pieces to be wardrobe basics, they need to be classic (nothing too trendy) and must flatter your body type! Do you make your clothes work for you? Have a fabulous day! 

Miss Southern Prep 


  1. Great combinations! I would say that J.Crew minnie pants, a blazer, and a striped shirt are the pieces I reach for most.

  2. I have worn fitted sheath dresses for YEARS. I have them in every color, and get them for cheap at Ross or TJ Maxx. I am having to not buy anymore, and now only buy stuff that I will be able to wear at Speech Camp this summer and going forward. It's been a bit of a change for me, but I think I'm making it work. I also won't have an income anymore once Speech Camp starts, which is slightly terrifying!

  3. I am obsessed with that little black dress, I must confess-I have more than one in my closet!

    xoxo, SS

  4. Little black dresses, cardigans, and blazers are my go-to items. I really like the blue peplum bow top in the pencil skirt example, so gorgeous!

    Sweet Spontaneity

  5. I reach for my black J.Crew pencil skirt and my minnies or gigis pretty much everyday for work! Love all of these combinations!

  6. I really like this post. Definitely need basics, and accessorize them to make them look not so basic :)

  7. I love the top in the first one.


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