Thursday, October 16, 2014

Recent Buys & Beauty Tries

I thought I'd share my opinion on some recent buys and beauty tries of mine!

Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer
I received a sample of this primer with a recent beauty purchase and tried it for the first time last week. It definitely kept my eyeshadow on all day, but it looked SO cakey by the end of the day. I have a few samples of the other Urban Decay primers, but I definitely won't be trying this one again.

Tory Burch Caroline Flats
These were marked down 25% during a Nordstrom sale two weeks ago, and I had been wanting a nude pair of Tory flats for a while! They're more comfortable than Revas, but I wore them for 5 hours straight during work (standing the entire time), and they still weren't the most comfortable.

Ann Taylor 
I love this Ann Taylor sweater. I'm waiting for it to go on sale, but it looks so great on! I'd pair it with boots, leggings, and some cute accessories.

Mariposa Bowl 
I found Mariposa at my local TJ Maxx last week! It reminds me of the baskets in Charleston, so of course I scooped it up. It was marked down to only $19! This one is similar.

Tiny Prints Pillow 
I received this pillow as a gift for participating in Tiny Print surveys. I couldn't find one that matched my room, so I ordered this one for my parents' bed. It's great quality and so cute! I want this throw blanket next.

Maybelline Volum' Express 
I always play around with different mascaras, so I picked this one up last week. I like it, but it's not anything amazing. I'm not sure if I'd buy it again, but it works well on my lashes.

Aveeno Dry Shampoo 
I've blogged about this dry shampoo before, but I seriously love it so much. It always works so well, and it smells fresh.

Any recent beauty buys or products you've tried lately? Have a wonderful day!

Miss Southern Prep
*Images: Dry shampoo


  1. I think its interesting that no one ever says their Tory Burch flats are comfortable, yet everyone keeps buying them. They're cute, but I can't bring myself to try to them when no one loves them

  2. Your comment about Tory is so true haha! I find the Caroline's immensely more comfortable but still nowhere near perfect.

  3. I'm using that mascara too. I like it for what it is-drugstore mascara. I am cheap when it comes to some things. I LOVE your flats!

  4. Love TJ Maxx; that bowl is a great find! Also, so disappointing to hear about the shoes being uncomfortable.

  5. My favorite shoe in the world is Sam Edelman ballet flats. Granted they do not have the Tory Burch logo, which is what you're really paying for, but the Edelman's are SO comfortable and classic.

  6. It's interesting that you didn't like the volumexpress. I absolutely loved it for an everyday quickie mascara.

    Great post and I will have to try that dry shampoo.


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!