Monday, October 6, 2014

Dover Hall

My aunt attended the most beautiful wedding this past weekend at a private venue in Virginia. The bride rented out the estate from Friday-Sunday, so my aunt had a room at the estate and was staying there all weekend. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit her and she gave me a tour.

 Dover Hall Estate is nestled between Richmond and Charlottesville in rural Virginia, but you feel like you're in the English countryside. The gorgeous hall was once a private residence, but is now used for private events and weddings.

There are two bars in the house, but this one is on the main level. 

The dining room seats up to 26. 

 It also boasts a gorgeous two-story library. 

The game room has an $80,000 pool table. Apparently it's only one of four in the world, and the previous owner outbid Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Main, eat-in kitchen 

 Summer kitchen

The ceremony was held in front of the pool (you can see the white chairs in the back of the picture).  

The room at the bottom of the stairs was used for the reception. 

I love the doorways. 

Doesn't it feel like a medieval castle? I'm hoping I have the opportunity to attend an event there in the future. Have a wonderful Monday!

Miss Southern Prep
*Photos via Dover Hall


  1. OMG THAT kitchen!!! The entire house is gorgeous of course, but I am in love with that kitchen.

  2. That place looks stunning! I bet that made for a beautiful wedding venue!


  3. That is absolutely breathtaking! I've always imagined having my wedding at an Antebellum home, but I might have to step up my game & check out "Castle-Like" estates.

    xoxo, SS

  4. Wow! That is a beautiful place.


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