Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pet Peeves

I was talking to my parents about my pet peeves the other day, and I thought it would be fun to share them with y'all and hear yours. My biggest pet peeves are: 

-When you allow someone to cross the street/hold the door for them/let them get over on the highway, and they don't wave a hand or say thank you--SO rude!!

-People who chew too loudly 

-Misuse of their/they're/there and your/you're

-When parents get too creative with their kids' names (I knew a kid named Traylor, pronounced exactly like trailer) 

-Slow drivers in the left lane 

-People who use social media as their diary; I don't want to read a Facebook post about how sad you are after your break-up. Phone a friend to complain! 

-Restaurants that have Diet Pepsi, not Diet Coke 

-In college, I'd get so annoyed seeing girls carry a backpack and a purse. You only need one! 

-People who walk in the middle of the road or parking lot. Move to a side! 

-I HATE when people argue with me about what I said in a sentence, like them saying I said "Annie" instead of "Anne." Ummm excuse me, don't you think I know what I said? 

-Family stick figures on the backs of cars

-Socks with sandals 

-Bike riders who ride in traffic, yet don't follow traffic laws 

What are your pet peeves? Have a fantastic day! 

Miss Southern Prep 


  1. I agree with all of these! I also hate when people misuse the word monogram. I mean, a single initial is not your monogram (nor are your initials in the basic format--first, middle, last), nor did you get something monogrammed when you had it embroidered with your monogram.

  2. Yessss. But I admit, I carried a backpack and purse. My backpack was SO full that it wouldn't fit my purse items.

  3. Your list of pet peeves is exactly the same as mine! To add to people walking in the middle of the road, I hate people who stop to talk in the middle of the hall or in a crowded place! Again, just move to the side!



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