Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Luxury Wish List

There are some classic pieces that I dream of owning one day (hopefully within the next few years), but because I'm hoping to start a 2-3 year grad program next year, that probably won't happen for a while! Here are the major pieces on my luxury wardrobe wish list:

Luxury Wish List

-Louis Vuitton Neverfull + Makeup Bag--I love the classic look of Louis Vuitton! I have an LV purse, but it was one of the trendier prints, so it's been retired in my closet for a while. My cousin has the Neverfull and it still looks amazing years later (plus it survived her kids' younger years).

-Diamond Studs--I love classic pieces of jewelry. I tend to wear the same pieces every day, so I know I'd wear diamond studs all of the time.

-Burberry Jacket--This may make it onto my Christmas list this year or next year, probably in black.

-Louis Vuitton Duffel--Once again, I love me some Louis!

-David Yurman Ring--I have a silver David Yurman ring that I wore every single day for 4 years! It cracked about a year ago, and I just haven't gotten it fixed. Even though that's on my to-do list, I think I might want to add another ring into the mix. I think I'll treat myself to this if I get in grad school!

-Ferragamo Flats--I think these are so classic! I'd love black and/or nude.

What's on your luxury wish list? Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Miss Southern Prep 


  1. I definitely recommend getting a Louis Vuitton! I bought the two I have in my single days and they still look brand new. My only regret was never buying Chanel ballet flats! Maybe someday when my house is paid off lol :)

  2. As you've probably noticed on my blog, I'm a huge sucker for handbags. Definitely have a few on my wishlist!


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