Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lilly Girl Crafts

Alexis, owner of Lilly Girl Crafts, contacted me a few weeks ago about reviewing an item from her shop. If y'all haven't heard of Lilly Girl Crafts, you must check it out! It's full of Lilly-inspired items (obviously), and is a perfect place to buy crafts for your Littles or best friends! Alexis was sweet enough to send me a pillow in First Impressions, one of my favorite Lilly prints: 

It looks so cute on my bed! Since it's small, I also think it would be cute in an office or a chair in your room. It would also be precious in a little girl's room! There are a few prints to choose from, as well! She also sent me some Lilly magnets

How cute are these?! They'd look so great on a magnetic board in your dorm room or office! 

Lilly Girl Crafts has so many fabulous items, it was hard for me to decide what to order! Here are some of my other favorites: 

What's your favorite item from Lilly Girl Crafts? Have a terrific day! 

Miss Southern Prep 


  1. Those are so cute! I love the magnets. :)

  2. All of these things are so cute! I think I like the magnets and the Look-a-like Jacks the best!


  3. All of these items are adorable! I will definitely be checking out her shop the next time I have some extra cash!



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