Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How to: Maximize a Small Closet

My parents live in an older house with a lack of storage space and closet room. In a way, it's a blessing, because we're only able to keep a certain amount of "stuff," and I'm constantly going through my room and donating things. But, it is annoying when it comes to clothes storage. I've been redoing my room, and I recently made the decision to get rid of my dresser. It's a risky move in a room that already lacks storage, so I thought I'd share some of my tips with y'all for maximizing storage space. 

How to: Maximize a Small Closet

-Plastic Containers: I have two of these that I use under my bed to store leggings, PJs, t-shirts, and workout clothes.

-Space Saving Hangers: I only use Huggable Hangers from Target in my closet. They really do save space, and I feel like they're better for your clothes than the plastic hangers.

-Storage Tubs: I have a large Lilly tub and then two collapsible tubs for Target (similar to these) on a shelf in the top of my closet. They hold some of my linens, Lilly luggage, travel accessories, etc.

-Shoe Rack: During college, I had a hanging shoe organizer, but I prefer having a shoe rack in my closet. The bottom shelf in my rack is tall enough to hold my Uggs, Fryes, and Cowboy boots.

-Command Hooks: LOVE Command Hooks! I have a few on the inside part of my closet doors to hold purses and my Longchamps.

-Rolling Container: I have one in the corner of my closet to hold swimsuits and intimates.

What are your tips? For all my college readers, check out my tips for organizing a college dorm room here! Have a fabulous day!

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  1. I actually just reorganized my closet for Fall too. Don't even get me started on sharing a closet with my boyfriend in a city apartment. Basically, my worst nightmare haha! But, thanks to the container store, I make it work.

  2. Closet organization is something I could seriously stand to improve on. I love the Lilly box!

  3. Storage boxes and shoe racks have been my saving graces since moving home. My mom also lives in an older home, and while I love older homes and all the charm they bring, the closet space leaves a lot to be desired.


  4. Another use for the under the bed containers is for out of season items.


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