Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer TV on Bravo + Pretty Letters Shop

I know I've mentioned this many times, but I'm addicted to reality TV. I love almost every show on Bravo, and I'm especially addicted to the Housewives franchise. Bravo has so many great shows this summer--I'm loving it! Here's what I'm watching: 

Real Housewives of New Jersey 
Oh how I miss the days of Seasons 1&2, when all of the girls were friends and the only drama was crazy Danielle. I'm not a huge fan of the new girls, but I think it will be interesting to see Teresa's legal drama play out on TV. 

Don't Be Tardy 
Although it's embarrassing to admit, I love Kim Zolciak and her family. I'm excited for the new season to start tonight! 

Untying the Knot 
I've been watching this show every week. It's kind of a sad concept (a mediator helps couples settle divorces/divide assets), I really like it! It's interesting to see the "stuff" people have accumulated during their marriages. 

Are you a Bravo addict like me? 

Pretty Letters Shop is an adorable Etsy shop that offers personalized gifts and monograms. The shop is filled with Lilly and beautiful monograms, which happen to be two of my favorite things. Megan, the owner, was sweet enough to send me two monogrammed Lilly cups in Lobstah Roll. They are so cute! This is how I'm using them: 

Pen holder on my desk 

For my nightly drinks--cheers! 

I love that the monogram makes them more personal. Here are some of my other favorites from Pretty Letters Shop

Have a wonderful day, y'all! 

Miss Southern Prep
*First three images via Google Images 


  1. I do like Bravo! I think I used to love it more than I do now. I miss the RHNJ from the early seasons. Now it's almost too painful to watch.

  2. I LOVE Bravos shows too, and I have RHNJ waiting on my DVR for when I get some time. My husband likes to say that I think I'm the Real Housewives of Blythewood, ha!

  3. ugh I hate the new season of RHNJ! Ladies of London is my new go-to.

  4. I love those monogrammed Lilly cups - so cute! I will definitely check out that etsy store!


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