Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Favorites

Here are some of my favorites this Friday: 

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I picked this up yesterday during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (I'm a Nordstrom card holder, so I was able to presale the sale before it started)! I love big, manly watches, so this one was perfect, plus it was reduced from $250 to $167. 

White Zinfandel 
I know this is cheap, $5 per bottle wine, but I love it! It's so crisp and perfect for summer. 

DIY Wreaths 
I don't have my own door to decorate, but I've been pinning pretty wreaths that I find on Pinterest. I love this boxwood wreath with a monogram! They go for a quite a bit on Etsy and in stores, but I think it would be fairly easy and inexpensive to make. 

I've always loved Spode China, but lately I've become really into searching for pieces on eBay. There are always unique designs that sell for next to nothing! 

I love these necklaces! 

I have to sleep in complete darkness, but I like a night light in my bathroom, so I can see if I need to get up in the middle of the night. How cute is this monogrammed night light from Monograms Etc.? 

What are some of your favorites? Have a fabulous day! 

Miss Southern Prep 
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  1. I love inexpensive wine! Happy Friday!

  2. I love cheap wine. I mean I love the more expensive ones too. But the cheap ones are great. And I love that nightlight!!!

    Love Always,

  3. The MK watch is gorgeous - I also have my eyes on it!

    Totally with you on cheap wine!

  4. Love that watch! I love boyfriend watches too! Now this post has me craving wine haha. Happy Friday!

  5. I've really been wanting a boxwood wreath too but they're SO expensive!


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!