Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review: Kate Spade 2015 Agenda from Lifeguard Press

Lifeguard Press reached out to me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of the 2015 Kate Spade agendas. Of course I was happy to oblige! 

I had a difficult time choosing which pattern I wanted. I couldn't decide between the Bella Bookshelf pattern or the painterly cheetah print: 

I ultimately chose the Large 17-month agenda in the Bella Bookshelf pattern. I love it! 

Inside, the planner is laid out a lot like the Lilly agendas, but there's a lot less color and a lot more empty space. I love my Lilly agendas, but sometimes, I get overwhelmed with all of the prints and drawings inside. I love the simplicity of the Kate Spade agenda.

I adore the inside of the front cover! 

Love the peppy messages throughout. 

The Lifeguard Press team was also sweet enough to send me a couple of Kate Spade paperclips and a pen. I love both! 

Have a wonderful day! 

Miss Southern Prep 


  1. These look perfect! I've purchased Lilly planners forever, but they're just too colorful and busy for corporate life.


  2. I just love Kate Spade, and the cheetah print one is definitely something I would buy! I need a new planner, and I think this year I'll get a Kate Spade one instead of my typical Lilly Pulitzer one.

  3. These all look so perfect! I love Kate Spade!



Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!