Thursday, June 19, 2014

Decorating on a Budget: My Favorite Places for Deals + Recent Dollar Tree Finds

This week, I've purchased quite a few things for my future apartment, but I think I'm going to break it up over a few posts.

First, here are some of my favorite places to find deals: 
Dollar Tree
Home Goods 
TJ Maxx/Marshall's
Local home consignment shops

I've found some great pieces on Craigslist that need some TLC, but have great bones. I recently found a cane couch that needs to be painted, but has fabulous bones, and I only paid $100 for it! I'll tell y'all about that next week. I've also purchased a buffet table that I'll probably use as a bar until I'm married or have a formal dining room.

This is what I'm hoping it looks like eventually! 

Target, Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshall's are self-explanatory. Read below to hear about what I buy at The Dollar Tree.

Finally, I've purchased some awesome pieces from local home consignment stores in my hometown. Honestly, I never buy upholstered pieces, because I never feel like they're clean, and it freaks me out wondering what people have done on couches or pillows that are for sale. However, I love finding chairs, pretty mirrors that need to be redone, or accessories. I found a great bamboo chair the other day for less than $50!

My style isn't "modern" by any means, but I love the look of clear containers and glass. Something about it just seems so clean, especially for storing/organizing items. I love the clean look of Pottery Barn bathroom containers, but I cannot justify spending $30+ on a container.

A hidden gem that a lot of people overlook is The Dollar Tree. I never buy certain things there (such as beauty products), but there are some fabulous items there. I like their unscented candles, votive candle holders, clear vases, wine glasses, plain white dishes, and some of their holiday items. Last year, I was in charge of a few sorority events and found great vases at The Dollar Tree, so I decided to head over to my local store to find a few bathroom containers, and I was pleasantly surprised. There were several different sizes of votive candle holders that would be perfect for holding Q-tips, cotton balls, etc.

I also bought a square holder to make into a pencil cup in my office. A $1 container plus a $2 monogram is a much cheaper version of the monogrammed pencil holder at boutiques. I also made one to be a makeup brush holder (see here). 

Here are the two containers I bought to hold my Q-tips and cotton balls! I love the look, and it was only a $2 investment! 

Side note: The Dollar Tree also has some cute cocktail napkins! 

 Where do you find great deals? Have a fantastic Thursday!

Miss Southern Prep 


  1. Oh my goodness I loved this post. I must go to Dollar Tree ASAP. I got a lot of our furniture from one family I met from Craigslist. We went to look at their dining room table and ended up buying a ton of their antiques.

  2. Target really has such great finds! I haven't been to the dollar tree in forever but it looks like I need to go!


  3. The Dollar Tree has great finds! For my friends' birthdays, I get a $1 wine glass and add a monogram! It's the perfect small gift for less than $5.



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