Tuesday, March 25, 2014


"The cure for anything is salt water--sweat, tears, or the sea." ~Isak Dinesen
 Although this is my own little corner of the world and blog space, I always struggle with how much I should share with y'all about my personal life. I know I've been keeping y'all updated about graduation/the job hunt, but I've had some difficult life decisions to make recently, and they've been taking a toll on my stress level (which is already high, due to personal issues, classes, midterms, projects, my internship, sorority, etc.). On Friday night I realized I had to leave the city, even if it was just for the day. So Saturday, I headed to a place that I knew I could feel at peace: the beach.

I cannot tell y'all how relaxing it was to sit at the edge of the water and just talk with one of my best friends. It was the perfect day: breezy, not too hot, and the beach was fairly empty. Although the water was cold, we put our feet in, and the tide occasionally made its way to where we were sitting.

We walked along the shore and collected shells for an upcoming craft project that I have planned, but other than that, we did absolutely nothing. And y'all--it was perfect.
A little sandcastle I made.

Sometimes you just need one of those days to regroup and refresh. I'm already planning my next one!

Have a terrific day!

Miss Southern Prep
*Photos 1 & 4 via Pinterest


  1. I always feel recharged after going to the beach. Hope your feeling more relaxed now!

  2. I might have to do something like that this weekend I need a break and the beach sees like the perfect place to take a break at. I hope your stress level is better now! :)

    Love Always,

  3. The beach is the best form of stress relief in my opinion! Hope things are better now :)

  4. The beach makes everything better! Love this post!



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