Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Still looking for a gift for your boyfriend for Valentine's Day? Here are some of my picks at every price point:  
Under $50:
Under $100:
Over $100:
And here are a few items I'd love:
What's on your Valentine's Day wishlist? What are you getting your significant other? Have a wonderful day!
Miss Southern Prep


  1. a new pair of millers is on my vday wishlist too!

  2. my guy is so not preppy (so sometimes I am at a loss on what to get him hahaha). I got him instagram magnets of us and a chip from his favorite Las Vegas Casino that closed (he likes poker)...trying to be creative!

  3. I need that SMU fob! NEED! :)

  4. What I would give for a pair of Tory Burch Millers... Sadly for my boyfriend, he will NOT be getting anything on this list, because this girl is pretty much broke! Ha! (In my defense, I got him a beer-making kit last year, and he still hasn't cracked it open, so maybe that can serve as his present this year too? hehe)

  5. Love the Shep shirt - it looks so cozy!


  6. Awesome choices! Hopefully you'll get everything you want!!

  7. The bf and I don't really celebrate Valentines (the curse of having a chef as a bf - him having to work every holiday!) but this year I'm going to make him a man-bouquet of all of his favourite things :)

  8. My man and I are so broke this year we decided not to do presents. (I am doing a bunch of DIY stuff he doesnt know about though! :) ) this year. But i will have to come back to this gift guid for other holidays! :)

    Love Always,


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