Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to: Plan for the week ahead

I am by no means a morning person. I probably snooze my alarm 3-4 times every morning, until I know I absolutely have to wake up. I wish I could be productive in the morning like other people, but that's just not me. So to make up for this fact, I plan for the week ahead on Sundays. Of course, I'm super attached to my planner (see how I organize it here), but I also use lots of lists to organize other things I need to do during the week. Here's how I plan for the week ahead:

1. I write and schedule all of my blog posts for the week on Sunday.
I try to write schedule all of my blog posts for the week on Sunday, because I know I'll run out of time to write them during the week if I don't (like last week). This leaves me time to comment and read y'alls blogs during the week!
2. I make a list of what I'm wearing to my internship each day.
Like I said, I'm not a morning person, so instead of scrambling to figure out what I'm wearing to my internship on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I'll write a little post-it note and refer to that in the morning. This makes it easy to get out as quickly as possible.
3. I make a list of major assignments due each day.
I use my Lilly planner religiously, but it also helps to have a smaller list of assignments due each day. I keep my list on my desk and highlight assignments after I finish them.
4. I clean my room.
Every Sunday, I straighten up my room and do laundry, so I don't get stressed by messes during the week. If my room is messy, I have a hard time studying (I have the urge to clean), so I clean on Sundays and then make my bed every morning before class. I'm not a neak freak, but I find that clutter in my tiny room stresses me out. This makes it easier to focus on other things during the week. 
How do you prepare for the week ahead? Have a terrific Thursday!
Miss Southern Prep


  1. I am glad I am not the only one who wants to clan when it gets time to do school work or study. I just cant clean with a dirty room!!! But good tips! I will have to start planning my post out for the week! Thanks for the tips!!!

    Love Always,

  2. Straightening and cleaning my flat is the biggest way I destress and prepare for another week of school!


  3. I like to get my blog posts sorted for the week on a Sunday too! I love the idea of planning your outfits out for the week too - I always waste so much time in the morning trying to decide what to wear - thanks for the tip!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  4. Wonderful tips! By the way, I love that monogram pillow you have on your bed!


  5. I have to say your handwriting is beautiful.

  6. These are really awesome tips! I also try to get as much as I can completed on Sundays but I never thought of adding my blog posts to the list. They do get a little stressful during the week. I absolutely LOVE the fact that you write and schedule them on Sundays! Thanks for the inspiration! :)


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!