Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! If you're single like me, you can still take advantage of all the pink that this day has to offer. Here are some fun ways you can indulge:
Enjoy a Krispy Kreme Valentine's Day doughnut.
Indulge in a pink or red manicure.
Get a Valentine's cup at Starbucks.

Have a night out with your best friends.
Treat yourself to something you've been wanting.
Buy some flowers for yourself.
What are your plans for today? Have a terrific, pink-filled Valentine's Day!
Miss Southern Prep
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  1. Love that manicure! Happy Valentine's Day!! xoxo

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!


  3. That manicure is gorgeous! :) And I treated myself this Valentines Day for sure. I went and got myself a Monograed necklace!! Yayy!!!! Happy Valentines Day Sweety!!!

    Love Always,

  4. I love buying flowers for myself. I do it all the time! haha. Hope you have a good Valentine's Day!


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