Monday, February 17, 2014


I'm currently....
Reading: Angel Falls by Kristin Hannah
I just started reading Angel Falls, but I can't put it down! I've read a few of Kristin Hannah's books, and all of them are wonderful, but tear-jerkers! I'll do a full recap when I finish reading this.
Loving: Fresh roses
I picked these up post-Valentine's Day and love having them in my room! They're so bright and cheery.

Watching: Mitt
I decided to watch this documentary last week and just loved it! It follows Mitt Romney for 6 years--from 2006 until his concession speech following the 2012 election. I loved getting an "insider's view" of Romney's daily life. His family unit is so strong, and I really admire his morals. It's also so precious seeing him with his grandkids!

Playing: Blake Shelton's "Doing What She Likes"
Blake is the king of sweet songs, and this one is no different! I love it.
Using: My personalized Hunter Boot notepad
Y'all have been asking where my Hunter Boot notepad is from, and it's from A Note From Bees. I reviewed my notepad a while back, but if you haven't checked out this shop, it's a must! (The black is my name, but I had to blur it out for the blog!)

Wanting: Moon and Lola Tortoise Bangle
Y'all know I love tortoise and monograms, so this bangle from Moon and Lola is perfect!

Have a fabulous day, y'all!

Miss Southern Prep
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  1. I just bought tickets to see Blake Shelton and can't wait to hear him live!


  2. I might have to check out that book, I hope been looking for a good read! I love that tortoise bracelet!


  3. I love that song too!!! :) And I love that bangle!! GORGEOUS! :)

    Love Always,

  4. I love Blake's new song! Cute bracelet, too!



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