Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I've been starting my post-grad job search (so scary!!), which has inspired me to start looking at new work bags. I love my Longchamps, but I think I might want something more structured for a work bag. My dream is the LV Neverfull, but I'm loving these, also:
What bag do you carry to work? Have a fabulous day!
Miss Southern Prep


  1. Very nice choices -- I have a Coach Candace Carryall and a Coach Christie, and I love both. The Candace is sort of like a black hole that can hold a good amount of stuff, but I like the Christie because it has structured pockets. The one I use is usually dependent on my mood. :) I would love a Dagne Dover tote (!

  2. Lovely choices! I really like that stella and dot one!


  3. I think it depends where you work, I actually use my neverfull more on weekends and my WZ Wallace tote for work. It's so lightweight and functional on the subway and my office environment is casual so it works well.

  4. I've started my post-grad job search too - it's so scary! I've used my longchamp all the way through uni and it's lasted me so well - I'm reluctant to find look for a different tote because I know that I will have to put my bag in a locker for work so I don't want to have to shut a lovely bag away for the whole day!

    Belle //


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