Thursday, January 23, 2014

Signatures by LGG

Signatures by Little Giant Graphics (or LGG for short) is a cute Etsy shop based out of Virginia that offers the best metallic monogrammed pillow covers! Owner Laura describes her shop as "gifts and accessories with personal flair." Laura was sweet enough to send me a box full of goodies, including a hat, sorority tee, and this gorgeous monogrammed gold pillow cover!

I am in love! I've been looking for more "grown-up" ways (read: less pink) to incorporate monograms into my post-grad apartment, and this pillow is perfect. I'm still obsessed with pink (and will always be obsessed), but I want a look that can grow with me, so I'm adding in more neutral tones, with colorful accents. I know this pillow will be gorgeous on my bed!
Laura has several different styles of pillows, as well:
Name or monogram
I had a hard time choosing between gold and silver--I love both--but this baby pillow with the weight, name, and time of birth would make a great baby gift!
I love this single initial for a family room.
Laura also included this adorable hat in my package!
Where would you put your monogrammed pillow from Signatures by LGG? Have a terrific Thursday!
Miss Southern Prep


  1. those would make AMAZING wedding gifts

  2. I would put it on my bed because my personal monogram is the same as mine together with my husband and happens to be the same as it was when I was single!... Lucky girl...

  3. That monogrammed gold pillow is adorable! I need one for my room asap.


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