Monday, January 27, 2014

Long Hair Care

Over the past couple of years, my hair has gotten longer than it's ever been. However, I feel like it hasn't gotten any longer in the past couple of months, so I've really become focused on caring for it better. Here are some key components of my hair routine:
I've been taking this on and off for about a year, and my hairdresser always says my hair is healthier and stronger when I'm using it. I've been setting an alarm to make sure I take it every day, to help my hair grow. The Target brand is less than $3!
Y'all, this is the best shampoo ever. I've been trying not to wash my hair every day, and it is great on my roots! My scalp tends to get oily, while the rest of my hair is fine, so I spray this on my roots and it covers up the "I haven't washed my hair in days" look. It also has a nice smell and is sulfate-free! Plus, it's around $8, which is an awesome price!
I've been using this shampoo on and off for a couple of years, and it has continuously been my favorite. I love that it's salt and sulfate-free!
This conditioner claims to nourish and restore moisture to hair without weighing it down. I love it! It leaves my hair super-soft and has a great smell!
Other than these products, I've been trying to only wash my hair 2-3 times per week and I've been using heat protectant spray before using my blow dryer or flat iron.
What are some of your long hair tips? Have a great day!
Miss Southern Prep


  1. I use Biotin too! I'm trying to wash my hair less, therefore straightening it less and not using as much heat on it. Still, I'm too crazy about how my hair has to be perfect. Ha!

  2. thanks for these tips! that month of no heat really helped me!

  3. the pro naturals shampoo and conditioner are the best in my opoinion. They leave the hair super soft and manageable!

  4. I have long hair.
    I have kinky curly thick hair too.
    I use dove shampoo and conditioner because I seem to be allergic to the other ones I have tried as I get a rash when I divert. I was told by a dermatologist to use Dove or Neutrogena cleansing shampoo (which you can only use so much because my hair tends to be on the dry end). I always see the commercials for Wen hair cleaner and I would love to try but I do not want the skin issues that come about.
    I do as you do as well with the heating element conditioner and spray. I also use a silicone item to put on hair as I stated I get kinky unruly hair.

  5. I use biotin also and LOVE it! It seems to speed up hair growth too.

  6. I have tried so many times to use biotin, and it just makes me break out so bad, it makes my hair softer and my nails grow super fast,but I can't deal with all the pimples so I always have to stop!

  7. I think my biggest tip is to avoid heat as much as possible . I try to only wash my hair 3 times a week and use straighteners and curling irons on special occasions only.

  8. These are all great tips! My hair is also longer than ever and I really need to figure out how to take better care of it. Thanks!! XO

  9. i have started taking biotin too (for about a week) hoping to make it a habit and see some results too!!

  10. I have started taking biotin and hope it helps me too.


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