Friday, January 24, 2014

Hulu vs. Netflix

I've had Netflix since freshman year of college, but I've become really into it the past year or so. During the year, I hardly ever watch actual TV, so I start series of shows on Netflix. I like having it as background noise as I'm blogging and getting ready in the morning. However, I got an email about a free month of Hulu Plus and decided to give Hulu a try. I've torn as to what I like best, so I've attempted to highlight each program's strengths/weaknesses:
-There are no commercials, which I love!
-More movies, but there are fewer current seasons of TV shows.
-More selection of shows that have ended.
-Works on my iPad.
-Favorites: One Tree Hill, Revenge seasons 1-2, Gossip Girl
-I love that they have the latest seasons of my favorite TV shows.
-I hate that newer shows have commercials. I don't want to pay for a service that makes me watch commercials during my shows. Isn't that the point of subscribing to a service like this?
-Works on my iPad.
-Favorites: Revenge (latest season), The Good Wife
Do you have Netflix or Hulu? What's your opinion? Have a great weekend, y'all!
Miss Southern Prep
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  1. I love using Hulu because it's free, I've been thinking about updating to Hulu Plus because I want to see some of the older seasons of my favorite shows.

  2. I have both, but I'm thinking of unsubscribing from Hulu Plus because they hardly have any whole seasons! I'm not sure if it's just with the shows I watch, but they only have between 5-7 episodes of some of my favorites like The Mindy Project, Modern Family, Parks & Rec, etc. I love that the recent episodes are always up the next day, but I wish I could watch full seasons.

  3. I have Netflix. And still love it because of both the movies and TV shows.


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