Monday, January 20, 2014

How to: Write a Thank You Note

My parents have always taught me the importance of writing thank you notes. I think people really appreciate the effort when you send them a handwritten note, as opposed to an email. I'm known as a bit of a thank you note guru among my friends, and I was surprised at how often they ask me for advice. I've also gotten a few emails about it, so I thought I'd do a guide with tips!
First, I always start with nice stationery. I prefer monogrammed stationery or stationery with my name. There are so many different designs on Etsy (and I love that the majority is made in the U.S.), with many at different price points. Here are some I love:
Veronica Foley--$15 for 12
Sincerely Yours Paper--$25 for 20
Nancy Nikko Design--$16.95 for 15
Second, I do a rough draft on a notepad to make sure I don't mess up on my nice stationery.
I send two thank you notes per year to an organization that gives me a scholarship, since the scholarship covers 2 semesters of book expenses.
Here are some tips I stick to:
-Timing is important! I try to send my notes out no later than one week after I received the gift.
-Never mention money if you received a cash gift; instead, thank them for their "generous gift," and maybe tell them that you're excited to purchase a new comforter, jacket, etc. with their gift.
-Make the note personal and try to avoid a message that's too generic.
Here is the general outline I stick to:
1. Start the first paragraph with "Thank you (so much) for the ______.
2. Tell the recipient how you plan to use the item. I also try to say something nice about the item. If it's not necessarily my style, I focus on one aspect I love, such as the color, pattern, or monogram.
3. I start closing the note by telling the recipient that I enjoyed seeing him/her at the party, that it was so nice of them to think of me during my graduation, etc. I also tell them that I hope to see him/her at ____ soon.
4. I thank the recipient again.
5. Wrap it up with your regards.

I also have a little stamper that I stamp on the back of the envelope around the seal. I won one in a blog giveaway during college, and instead of getting my address around the circle, I got my name around the circle twice, so I could use it wherever I live! I like this one.
Are you a fan of thank you notes? Any tips that I missed? Have a great day!
Miss Southern Prep


  1. Great advice... thank you notes are the best!

  2. Great advice! I love handwritten notes, but I think sometimes people forget about them!


  3. I loved hand written notes! I try to do them as often as possible!

  4. Excellent post! I am a HUGE fan of handwritten thank you notes! I work in non-profit fundraising, and instead of sending a generic thank you letter to our supporters, I send a handwritten note. It takes me months to do them after a huge event, but I get such a positive reaction from it, that I don't mind. Taking the extra time to handwrite something is worth it, in my opinion =)

  5. I have one of the personalized stamps that I use for letters all of the time! They definitely come in handy! Love the tips!

    I got my stamp here:

  6. Thank you so much for writing this! Since I could write my parents had me writing handwritten thank you notes on my personalized stationary. And then when I went through deb, I was so glad that my parents had taught me about social etiquette and all that jazz. Those notes are adorable! I'm almost out of my Crane stationary, so I'll have to check those little etsy shops out!

  7. Great tips!


  8. great tips, I love sending thank you's!

  9. Great post!!! It's a shame that so many children are no longer being taught to write thank you notes.

  10. It really is so important to know how to write a proper thank you note! I love all the tips!

  11. Handwritten notes are one of life's little pleasures! Love all these tips, and I really love the Nancy Nikko stationary!



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