Sunday, January 5, 2014

Beauty Box 5

I've never jumped on the Birchbox bandwagon, but sometimes I wish I had. I have quite a few friends who receive monthly boxes from Birchbox, and it's either hit or miss. Sometimes they receive awesome samples, but sometimes they receive awful samples, that aren't even tailored to the survey they filled out.

I was recently sent a box from Beauty Box 5, which is a subscription-based program that sends a box of 5 goodies to your door each month. Their mission is to "introduce women to cosmetic products and educate them on the best practices." Each box is $12 (Birchbox is $10).
I received this box a couple of weeks ago. The products were a little less high-end than Birchbox items, but they were great samples! One was a foot scrubber to remove dead skin, a Clean and Clear Morning Burst face wash, and a Body Drench Hemp lotion. I also recieved a lip gloss (a dark brown) and a eyeshadow trio. I'm not the biggest fan of the eyeshadow trio or the lip gloss, but I'm excited to try my other samples!
Have you ever tried Beauty Box 5? What are your thoughts on monthly beauty box subscriptions? Have a wonderful Sunday!
Miss Southern Prep


  1. I've always wanted to try something like this! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I haven't tried Beauty Box 5 before, but it looks like they offer some nice products!


  3. I haven't tried Beauty Box 5, but I have a Birchbox subscription..totally agree that it can be hit or miss!


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