Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is putting up my family's Christmas tree and seeing Christmas trees at my friends' homes. Every family has such a different style to their tree. First, there's the fake v. real debate, but then some families go with a theme, others are very professional-looking, and some have colored trees (pink, white, etc.). My family has an eclectic tree--it has ornaments my brother and I made as kids, but it also has Hallmark ornaments, Starbucks ornaments, and ornaments we've collected over the years. One of my best friend's family only decorates their tree with Old World ornaments, and it always looks gorgeous! I'm still not sure which route I'll go when I get older, but I'm thinking I might have a professional-looking tree and a family decorated one! Which of these trees do you have?
Homemade ornaments
What's your favorite? Have a great day!
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  1. I like putting up the tree part. Lovely recommendations. I especially like the blue and silver colors. Looks modern.
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  2. I always loved helping my parent's decorate the tree growing up! I can't wait to go home and see it this weekend. We have a fake tree because my Grandma is allergic to real pine. It's kinda of a natural look, covered in gold ornaments. I'l post about it over the weekend!

  3. I love the look of the classic tree. We actually put up two trees: a tall 12-foot one in our two-story family room that's decorated similar to the natural tree pictured above, and then a smaller family tree in our living room with ornaments we've made and collected over the years. My favorite part about putting up the smaller tree is all of the memories associated with each ornament. We've always had fake trees, but last year we got a real 14-foot tree. Boy was that an adventure! Hahaha

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  4. I love how the family and the natural look! Beautiful Christmas trees!


  5. My family has always done the family one with ornaments collected through the years and the ones us kids made.


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