Wednesday, October 2, 2013

All About Me

In addition to emails requesting me to tell more about myself, I also got a request on my Help me! post, so I thought I'd share some facts about myself that y'all might not already know!
I'm from Virginia, and the house I grew up in is next door to the house where my dad was raised.
I have two precious dogs that I miss while I'm at school.

I have an obsession with Chick-fil-a Diet Dr. Pepper. For some reason, it tasts different. Totally weird, I know, but sometimes I'll just go through the drive-thru and grab one.
I've never been on a plane.
Until my senior year of high school, I thought I was going to be a 4th grade teacher.
Besides my hometown, Charleston is the place where I feel most at home.
What's an interesting fact about yourself? Have a great day, y'all!
Miss Southern Prep
*All photos via Pinterest and my personal collection 


  1. You've never been on a plane?! GIRL!

  2. I totally agree about chick fil a having the best drinks.

  3. Precious precious pups!!! I LOVE Charleston too. My fiancé and I got engaged at Battery Park. Do you think you'd want to move there after graduation?

  4. you've never been on plane?! It's time to travel girl! go someplace funn!!! Totally agree with you about chick fil a having the best drinks.

  5. Chick-fil-a always hits the spot! Great post!


  6. That was a fun post! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. i have never left the country.

  8. I've never been on a plane either till 2011. It's nice to know I'm not the only one! Make it special when you do go on one! I went on my first for my honeymoon :)


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!