Sunday, October 27, 2013

A. Miles Design

As all of you college girls know, a must-have for college is a cute towel wrap. I didn't have one at the beginning of this year, but Andrea, the owner of A. Miles Designs, recently sent me the CUTEST monogrammed Lilly towel wrap and threw in a little surprise!
The Lilly print is Catching Zzz's. I love the pom-poms, too!

The top part of the wrap is elastic and has velcro, so it stays put, but is comfy enough to wear while doing my hair and makeup.
Here are some other wraps Andrea sells:

Lilly with a monogram on-top

Andrea also does Lilly Greek letters!

This is the style I went with! Love!
She also surprised me with this fab stocking, and I am obsessed! My mom retired my childhood stocking two years ago, and I've been looking for the perfect replacement for two years, and this is it! It combines two of my favorites: Lilly and monograms!

I love the print and the colors!

Here are two other stocking designs she has:

Andrea also sells these cute monogrammed bikini tops:

What's your favorite item from A. Miles Design? Have a wonderful Sunday!
Miss Southern Prep


  1. Those towel wraps are way cuter than any towel wrap I ever had in college!


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