Friday, September 13, 2013

Preppy Dorm Showcase Round 4: Dorothy from Prep In Your Step

Today our final room tour is from Dorothy at Prep in Your Step. Dorothy is a freshman at Furman, and I'm loving all of the Lilly I'm her room: 

"The closet isn't very wide but it is pretty deep which allows me to keep my laundry hamper in it as well!"

"Here is the view when you walk in the door. To give you an idea of layout, my closet is to the right."

"My bedding and color scheme was all based around my Lilly Pulitzer headboard."
"I have a memo board in the same fabric as my headboard and my mom made my room mate and I fun chair covers that match our curtains to make it a little more inviting to study."

"The storage ottomans act as seating, storage, and a way for me to get onto my bed! For a bedside table I got 2 cubby sets from target with pink bins which keep things looking pretty organized. I am still looking for a lamp to put on the cubbies closest to my bed and we are also hoping to get a rug for our room but my roommate and I are very indecisive! The second cubby set store my school books and supplies and we used it as a printer stand as well!"
"Here is a better look at the bed area. One of my favorite parts of my day is getting under the covers and I can't get over how comfortable my bed is!"

"My mom made me a dust ruffle which is the perfect way to hide my under the bed storage and dresser!"
"Here is a look at my room mates bed. She has a Lilly duvet and has a headboard as well! She also has a set of cubbies to use as a nightstand."
"We are fortunate enough to have a sink in our room which is more of a blessing than I ever would have imagined. In this photo, you can also see her desk!" 
"I LOVE the bright colors and fun patterns in our room and it makes me so happy to come back to my dorm!"

Isn't all of the Lilly SO fun? I wish my freshman dorm room was that big! Happy Friday y'all, and don't forget to enter my wall monogram giveaway

Miss Southern Prep


  1. These dorms are so cute! Love how bright and vibrant they are, they make room have so much energy.

  2. I love what they did with their beds, such a bright room, love it!


  3. This is so so cute! Also, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award :)



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