Monday, September 16, 2013

Organization 101: Planners and To-Do Lists

I have a little bit of OCD when it comes to planning my school work, schedule, day, etc. I am SUCH a planner, it gives me anxiety when I don't have everything that I need to do written out in front of me. To organize my life, I use many different lists, plus my daily planner and a Lilly wall calendar.

First, I use the Lilly wall calendar, just to see major deadlines in front of me all of the time. Each day is really small, so I only write the most important dates on this calendar.

Second, I use my Lilly planner's monthly calendar for major due dates, deadlines, etc.

Then I list homework, projects that are due, and test dates on each individual day. This is less overwhelming when I look ahead, because I only see things that are due that week, and I can make my daily to-do list based on what is coming up within the next few days.
I also make to-do lists for each day, so tons of thoughts aren't running around in my head as I'm trying to get everything done. Personally, it's easier for me to prioritize this way. I list what I need to get done in the order of importance, and I LOVE highlighting things off my list haha.
Finally, if I'm really stressed, I make to-do lists for different times of the day. I know that sounds crazy, but if I'm going to the library to study, I like to make a list of what I need to accomplish while I'm there. Or I'll make a to-do list for the time I'm in the study at the sorority house. This helps me stay on track and maximize my time.
I know that this extreme planning isn't for everyone, but I just thought I'd share what helps me stay sane and organized! How do you organize your life? Have a wonderful Monday!
Miss Southern Prep


  1. Are you not using your Erin Condren anymore? I love your system! Mine is similar.

  2. This is such great organization :)


  3. I am such a planner too! I like to have everything written down in both a planner and a calendar (with plenty of sticky notes!). I always put things on my macbook sticky note app as well.

  4. Great system! I am an OCD planner to I write everything down in my planner. I love the idea of the to-do list.

  5. We are so similar in regards to our organization. I you my planner, post it notes, and lists.


  6. You are a much better and more organized student than I was when I was in college. Love how you keep track of everything!!

  7. love this post!! I love seeing how other people organize. I used to be a big Lilly planner lover but I actually just ordered an Erin Condren one. Now with my job I need something a little more organized to keep track of meetings and such!


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