Monday, August 5, 2013

So you wanna be Greek?

I've received some emails about rushing, what to expect, what to wear, etc., so I thought I'd do an entire post devoted to rush.
First, every school's Greek system is different, which means recruitment is different at every school. I rushed at a big, southern SEC school, so my rush experience was hot, sweaty, and long, but was totally worth it! I remember someone telling me that God knows where you belong before you even begin rush, so just know that you'll end up where you belong. At times, this was hard to remember, but thinking back on that comment, it is totally true!
Before you even begin rush week, I'd consider packing these essentials in a big that you will tote from house to house during rush:
Wanna Go Greek? Bag Essentials
Some girls also had little battery-powered fans that they used between rounds, but I never brought one with me. You NEED a water bottle, no matter whether you're rushing during the fall or winter. Your mouth will get so dry from all the talking!
So for me, rush consisted of 4 rounds, then Bid Day. Rounds 1 and 2 were each two days long, because there were so many girls rushing, and because there are so many houses to visit. As the rounds progressed, you visited less houses, but spent more time at each house.
For Rounds 1 and 2, we had shirts that we had to wear. Almost every girl wore Jack Rogers or nice sandals and paired her shirt with some chino shorts (but make sure they're not too short!!). The shirt colors were pretty ugly, so it was hard to pair them with anything but plain shorts. We also had restrictions on how much jewelry we could wear, but it could not be flashy. I wore my Yurman every day, with pearls and a monogrammed necklace.
Wanna Go Greek? Round #1
For round 3, we were told to wear casual sundresses and keep the jewelry to a minimum. I wore a kelly green and navy sundress, but a lot of girls wore Lilly, with Jack Rogers. Here are some outfits I'd wear for Round 3.
Wanna Go Greek? Day 3
Finally, Round 4 was Preference Night. It's the longest night, where you visit one or two houses. It's basically the night where you decide which sorority you want to join. It's the most formal round, and at my school, it was pretty dressy! Here are some looks I would wear for Pref Night:

Pref Night

Following Pref Night is Bid Day, where you receive your sorority bid! It's a fun day full of celebrations!

Here are some final tips for rush:
  • Keep an open mind
  • Stick to neutral talking topics--nothing too weird
  • Although some rounds are "casual," it's always best to be dressier than under-dressed, in my opinion
  • Pop in a mint before you go into a house; no one wants bad breath
  • NEVER wear a watch; we weren't allowed to, because it's a normal tendency to look down at the time, but that can come off as rude
  • Write down what you think of each house after every round in a little book
  • Drink lots of water
My final advice: although it's hard to not listen to other girls' opinions about certain sororities, it's SO, SO important to make your own conclusions. Just because your best friend doesn't like a house doesn't mean you shouldn't like it. Your sorority will become a huge part of your life, so it's important to go where you love. You don't want to look back and wish you hadn't eliminated a house you loved just because they weren't a top house.

Good luck to any girls rushing this fall! Have a fabulous day!

Miss Southern Prep


  1. I was shy, and I went to a tech school before going to USC anyway, and didn't care that I missed out on rush. As an adult, Im sorry I didn't rush. I had a lot of fun in college, but def wish I hadn't missed out on some of the things you get to be part of.

  2. LOVE these comments, friends! Rush was a great experience and I can't imagine my college career without my sorority. You will end up where you are meant to be :)

  3. Recruitment at my alma mater (Missouri) seems really similar to yours. And I REALLY wish I had a style guide...the recruitment books they mailed out were super generic. Of course, that was back in 2004 so maybe it's gotten better. Great post!

  4. Great post! I definitely agree with the statements, "you will end up where you end up for a reason" and "overdress as opposed to underdressing (even when it's casual!)". Treat it like a job interview - as much as it might suck, a lot of it is based on first impressions that last only a few minutes during looooong days! Be honest with who you are though - don't try to fit into a certain chapter's "vibe" or with their "stereotype". And if you don't mesh with a certain chapter, DON'T RIP ON THEM! Other women in your group liked them (it's a numbers game, and someone always does). Dress comfortably (don't wear anything too tight or too short - you will be moving around a lottttt all day long) and pack more things than you need to! Grab that tote bag and fill it up with water, deodorant, oil blotting sheets, etc. and GOOD LUCK :)

  5. This post was great for girls going through recruitment! Rush at my school was four rounds as well and having a bag of essentials with me for each one was such a lifesaver.


  6. This is a great post. I wish I had known a lot of this before I wen through. You can never tell where you should be I had decided which house I wanted before going through but I am glad I ended up where I did because in the end I know now I would not have fit in as well anywhere else.


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!