Wednesday, August 21, 2013


One of my recent design inspirations has been bamboo. We have a huge bamboo mirror in the sorority house, and every time I pass it, I think about how much I love it. Lately, I've been pinning some bamboo pieces on to my design inspiration board, and I've fallen in love with painted bamboo chairs. Here are some of my inspiration images:

Love this bright yellow-green color!
This bright turquoise is gorgeous, too!

How do you feel about bamboo pieces? Have a fantastic day!
Miss Southern Prep
*Photos: Pinterest


  1. I love these pieces! They are so chic, but they have a nice beach feel too :)


  2. I love bamboo. SOO cute. My Momma just had a new floor put in her living room and a bamboo floor was at the top of her list.

  3. Those chairs are sooo cool looking. I liked the classic black bamboo chairs for a dining room set but if you were looking to brighten up a bedroom I would definitely use the turquoise or yellow chair for a desk!


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!