Monday, August 12, 2013

A Monogrammed Life

A Monogrammed Life is the name of my monogram board on Pinterest, and I'm taking that quite literally. I plan to have anything and everything I can monogrammed. Heck, I probably already monogram almost everything I own, but I digress. There are some things I never even thought about monogramming, but now must have at some point, like...

A monogrammed reading chair,

monogrammed napkins,

a monogrammed tissue holder,

monogrammed coasters,

monogrammed stemless wine glasses,
lots and lots of monogrammed pillows,

monogrammed rocking chairs,

a framed monogram,

monogrammed hot pads,

monogrammed silverware (NEW OBSESSION),
and a monogrammed welcome mat.

Do y'all have any other monogram ideas? Hope your week is going well! 

Miss Southern Prep


  1. I LOVE the reading chair, pillows, and door mats!!

  2. LOL my post today is about monograms too! Love everything you posted, especially the monogrammed wing chair!

  3. I love the coasters, the oven mits, and potholders! Those are all so cute :) One thing I really want to get monogrammed is my computer case! Tons of girls at school have them and they are adorable!


  4. love the reading chair! I really want to get a monogrammed headboard!


  5. I love the coasters. I want a monogrammed tumbler - I'm starting grad school and I always study better with ice water :)

    I see in your profile that you're a USC fan - that's where I'm starting grad school! I'm still getting used to the whole "cocks" thing...

  6. I have more monogrammed accessories and jewelry than I know what to do with, but just love the idea of bringing monograms into your home! That chair is gorgeous!
    xx, Emily
    shell chic'd


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!