Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nordstrom Sunnies

Although I love to dream about wearing expensive sunglasses, I know that I do much better with cheaper ones. I had a pair of Kate Spade sunglasses that I loved, but I lost them during a football tailgate and was devestated. I'll probably hold off on buying a new, more expensive pair ofsunglasses until graduation, but for now, I'm wearing fabulous cheap sunnies from Nordstrom. The Nordstrom junior's department has tons of cute sunglasses, all for $12.00! I usually buy 2 at time, so I'll have a backup. I love that I can buy cute glasses, but if I lose or break them, it's not the end of the world. Here are some cute pairs I saw when I popped in to Nordie's the other day:

I have these right now in tortoise and love them!
Where do you find pretty, cheap sunnies? Have a great day!
Miss Southern Prep


  1. Nordstrom has nice glasses. I like cheaper ones too because I lose them so quickly.

  2. sunglasses are such a dilemma! I often think I would love an expensive pair, but know that I would break them! BUT if I bought the expensive pair, maybe I would e more careful????

  3. Love the Fantas Eyes! When I got my sunglasses I found them at a really inexpensive store for $5!


  4. I used to buy them cheap at the LL Bean outlet in Williamsburg because I can only wear polarized sunnies, however the LL Bean outlet is no longer there. I just invested in Tory Burch sunnies but my daughters go to Nordstrom also to stock up on theirs.

  5. I always peep Nordstrom too! It shocked me that Old Navy has really cute sunglasses :) My current pair is from Ann Taylor!


  6. love the fantas eyes! I currently have ray bans and prada shades that I wear most often!

  7. I have the KW 'Fame' Sunglasses and I love them! :)


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