Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Makeup Routine

As y'all probably saw last week, I just got a new makeup bag, so I thought I'd share my makeup routine with you.

I don't really stick to one brand, but if I find something I like, I'll swear by it! These are the products I use everyday: 

I start with this Urban Decay spray to set my makeup and keep me from getting oily throughout the day.

I use the brown color, Clinique "Sable," as eyeliner. I use a special brush and then line my eyes with this color. I like to use eyeshadow to line my eyes as opposed to eyeliner, because the lines are more smudgy and a bit thicker. I'm pretty pale, so I like this color because it's not too dark, but it still makes an impact. 

I've used Clinique concealer and L'Oreal True Match foundation for the past couple of years and love both of them! I think I've mentioned this before, but I have had the hardest time finding a color light enough to match my skin. I also have oily skin and neither of these make me break out. 

I also love Clinique's invisible finishing powder. I use this, then Bobbi Brown blush in Desert Rose. 

I try different mascaras all of the time, but I haven't found one I love. Right now I'm using Maybelline Mega Plush Volume, but it's just ok. 

And these are the extra products I use if I'm going out: 

I mix the Clinique Sable with the Clinique Toasted Almond eyeshadow to make my own eyeshadow color. I also use the Sable color as my eyeliner, add some lip color (either Clinique Raspberry lip gloss or Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Passion), and then use the eyelash curler before my mascara. 

What products do y'all love? Have a marvelous day! 

Miss Southern Prep 

P.S. I'll be sharing my skincare routine next week! 


  1. For mascaras, I love CoverGirl Lash Blast and Tarte Amazonian Clay mascara. I layer the two (Tarte first then CoverGirl) so my lashes get treatment + volume + length. I just tried L'Oreal Voluminous mascara because InStyle said it was the best and.... it was a waste of $5.

  2. I stay true to MAC cosmetics and Chanel skincare. I absolutely love your monogrammed Lilly bag!



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