Saturday, July 20, 2013

Letter Love Designs

 Y'all know I am a monogramaholic and love personalized stationery, so I'm sure y'all can guess how excited I was to partner with Love Letter Designs, an Etsy shop specializing in handmade, personalized stationery! I received this personalized Tiffany notepad that I adore!
Sorry, had to blur out my name! I love making to-do lists, but I usually just make them on post-its. Now, I'm so excited to use this cute pad for all of my lists! Susannah, the owner, has SO many great products in her shop. Here are some of my other favorites:
Charlotte would surely approve of these calling cards!
Love these wine tags!
Monogrammed notepad!
Don't you just love Susannah's products? Have a great day!
Miss Southern Prep

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  1. Love the wine tags...will have to order some of those!


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