Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review: Miss Priss Speaks

One of my new favorite Etsy shops is Miss Priss Speaks. Monogram goodies, glitter koozies, and monogram decals are just a few items offered by Miss Priss Speaks. I am convinced that the owner, Natalie Marie, and I would be such good friends if we met! Here are my goodies:
Monogram decal and monogram koozie; Instagram pic from @coolersbydesign

This is my adorable glitter koozie! It's offered in a lot of different koozie and glitter color combinations, but I love the white and gold! The glitter is so fab!
Also, y'all know how obsessed I am with monograms, but this decal combines two of my all-time favorites: my monogram and VA! I can't wait to rep the VA while I'm at school! These decals are offered for every state, and they are available in TONS of color combos.
I could order everything from Miss Priss Speaks! Here are some of my favorites:
Chevron Monogram with bow

Monogram glitter onesie--dying over how precious this is!

Monogram water cooler
Monogram decal with bow

Big/Little monogram cups
What is your favorite item from Miss Priss Speaks? Have a fabulous day!
Miss Southern Prep


  1. Totally just ordered two koozies and a decal, loves!

  2. love the glitter monograms!

  3. So many monogram goodness! That glitter koozie is awesome.

  4. Love the monogram with a bow decal! Such a cute idea!

  5. Love love love the monogram with a bow decal! Also loving the state ones - although I'm not sure how well FL would look!


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!