Monday, June 24, 2013

Organized: College Dorm Room Edition

This year, I'll be living in the sorority house, which will definitely be a far departure from my apartment living. I never, and I mean never, cooked in my apartment, so it won't be too different in that aspect. The only difference will be sharing a room again. My room will be very, very tiny, so storage will be SO important. Here are some storage pieces I swear by and plan to use in my new room:
Organized: Dorm Room
-Shoes: I use a shoe hanger in my closet, because it doesn't take up too much room, and it allows me to see all of my shoes easily.
-Beauty: An organizer on top of my dresser helps keep all of my hairbrushes, leave-in conditioner, contact solution, lotion, etc. organized.
-Under the Bed: Long tubs are perfect for extra blankets, sheets, and other items, like sweatshirts and jackets.  
-Jewelry: I use a jewelry organizer and keep it in a dresser drawer, but a lot of my friends use the jewelry hangers and love them! It's easy to see all of your pieces.
-Clothes: These plastic drawers on rollers are short enough to fit under a lifted bed or in the closet. They're perfect for underwear, bras, tanks, or tshirts.
-Closet/Shelves: I love cute tubs, like the Lilly one above; I use mine on my closet shelf for cardigans, one under my desk for extra papers, and another one for all my snacks. They're really perfect for anything! I particularly like the Lilly and Scout ones, because they're plastic and wipe clean easily.
What other storage devices do you love? Have a wonderful Monday!
Miss Southern Prep


  1. When I lived in the house, I know the only thing that really would have saved space in my room would have been to seriously reduce what I brought to school! It sounds like common sense/something really easy to do but when push came to shove, I kept wearing the same things over and over again and probably 3/4 of my closet was unworn :( I also had a really poor closet setup - one wall of my room was closets but there was a 3 foot wall covering the center of the closets and kept half of my closet in the dark and pretty much unaccessible.

  2. storage can be so fun and cute! i like what you picked -- I had similar decorations but solid bright colors!

  3. I have a similar hanging jewelry organizer that I use at college and LOVE it! It definitely works to save dresser space and you can see everything so you don't forget what items you have. I also use mine to store and display nail polish :)

    That Lilly container is too cute! -- In IIKE ;)

  4. Love all your tips.. I remember when I lived in my sorority house and it can get super cramped!


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