Friday, June 28, 2013

No more ugly chargers for me!

I've been seeing cute iPhone and Mac charger decals all over Pinterest for a few months, but I had never come across one that I had to have. Then, I stumbled across MonogramXoXo, and the owner, Maude, was sweet enough to design iPad and iPhone charger decals for me! I chose Lilly's Chin Chin print with a monogram, of course. Here's a close-up before I put them on my chargers:

And the final product:

 How cute are these?! If you're looking for some cute charger decals, contact Maude at MonogramXoXo, and she'll work with you to design your own! They're very affordable, too!
 I'm so excited to put my cute new chargers to use! Happy Friday!
Miss Southern Prep


  1. Love this post!! I got a charger set for Christmas like this from a friend but have always wanted to know where to purchase!! They are too much fun :)

  2. too cute! great for dorm room living too!


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