Monday, June 10, 2013

All About "Me"

Last week, I took a day off of work, school, and any obligations I had. I was hoping for a day on a tropical island, but settled for a day at the country club instead. I brought along a book I was reading, headphones, and nothing else. As soon as I got there around 10:30, I ordered a huge diet coke and settled into a spot under an umbrella. I stayed there until 5:30 that day, and it was glorious. I put my phone on silent and did nothing but relax and read. I felt like I was on that tropical island, without a care in the world.
The view from my chair!
Lately, I've felt like I have no "me" time between my internship, the summer classes I'm taking, homework, and my other obligations. Sometimes, even dinner plans with friends turn into somewhat of an obligation. They seem like something I "have" to do, instead of something I "want" to do. This day off reminded me of how important it is to reboot every so often. Just that one day of shutting everything off was amazing, and I realized I need to do it more often.
What do y'all do to for "me" time? Happy Monday!
Miss Southern Prep


  1. so happy you had some "me" time!! I need it every day pretty much - just time to sit/lay and do nothing :)

  2. This sounds heavenly and it's something I should do more often. So glad you were able to reboot. Hope you have a great week!

  3. One of my favorite kind of days. Glad you got to enjoy a little R&R.

  4. Sounds like a heavenly day! Good for you for taking care of your self! I just checked my calendar and the next "me" time I can sneak in will be at the end of July when I visit my parents who live on the beach. I am horrible about taking time for myself, but it really is important!

  5. I love reading a book or going shopping for "me" time. There's nothing better!

  6. I need more me time too! Good for you! I would do the same thing.

  7. Those are some of my favorite kind of days. I am glad you enjoyed yours.


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!