Thursday, May 2, 2013

Last Week of School To-Dos

I cannot believe that my junior year is coming to a close, and I am moving out in 3 days. Seriously, it makes me almost cry. Although it's Finals Week, my roommates and I are packing everything we can into the next few days we have together. Here's what's on our agenda: 

Drinks at a terribly cheap bar that we love,

the last brunch (our favorite) of the semester at the sorority house,

a group Starbucks date with our Littles,

Kennygate, the tailgate before....

The Kenny Chesney concert on Saturday!!!!

Last roommate dinner at one of our favorites,

Wine and packing,
and finally, spending our last night together staying up talking...all night, over wine, I'm sure!

What's on y'alls agenda for your last few days of school? Have a great Thursday! 

Miss Southern Prep 
*Some photos are my own, some are from Pinterest, and some are from Google Images.


  1. Looks like some fun last few days. Enjoy and good luck on finals.

  2. I just had my end of the year roommate lunch at our favorite mexican place with my roommate/best friend. Today was our last day of classes for freshmen year. It is quite bittersweet because we are both transferring to different schools.

  3. last final is today then graduating this weekend!! enjoy your senior year, it goes by so quickly :)

  4. You seemed to have an amazing year and I'm so glad!!! I can't believe this school year is practically over! One of the juniors just got back from study abroad and its her 21st so I'm celebrating that tonight! I'm sure friday saturday are going out and hopefully I can convince people to watch the derby with me at a bar haha!

  5. Can we please swap lives for the weekend? This all sounds fabulous. Have fun. I cried my last two months of college.

  6. I'm a senior so I have a list of Miami "lasts" I need to accomplish....I also needed to take some pictures in the iconic spots around campus!

    xx Emily @

  7. Saw Kenny and Eli a couple of weeks ago they are so fun. Now Casey Musgroves on the other hand... I am going to challenge you to drink every time she mentions a trailer park. Seriously! You might not remember Kenny at that point.

  8. awwww I can't believe the school year is coming to a close too. In just a little over a week I'll be graduating college and it is so bittersweet! What a fun list to do before you leave - that inspired me to come up with my own list :)


  9. Oh make sure you enjoy these carefree college days! They go by so quickly! Sounds like you have a great week planned out. Too bad those dreaded exams are getting in your way.


  10. Sounds like the perfect week. I always dreaded the end of the semester and parting with my friends.

  11. So how many times did she say Trailer? ;) Hope you had fun!

  12. Sounds like how every year ended for me too! only sad thing is this year it's ending for good for me! Ahh time flies so quickly


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