Monday, April 8, 2013

All that JAS

As you sorority girls know, you can never have enough letters! There are so many functions and events where we're required to wear letters, I feel like I'm always trying to find fun, different prints. Enter All that JAS, a Greek apparel store based in Elon, NC.

All that JAS has hundreds of prints, literally, including Vineyard Vines and Lilly! They also offer American Apparel letter shirts, which I think are the most comfortable tshirts ever! All that JAS was sweet enough to let me design a letter shirt, so I decided to choose one of my favorite Lilly prints that I had never seen on letters before: A Tusk in the Sun!

They put it on a royal blue American Apparel v-neck, and I am in love! Didn't it turn out so well? A lot of sisters have already asked where I got it! For all of you Greeks, I would definitely recommend All that JAS for any Greek need! Here are some of my favorite items from their store:
Vera Letters!

Lilly accessories

Lilly letters!

What pattern would you love to see on your letters?

Also, I just have to pay tribute to one of the greatest fashion icons, Lilly! Of course she will live on through her fabulous prints and designs, but she will be greatly missed! 

Have a fabulous day!

Miss Southern Prep
*Lilly photo


  1. Absolutely love that KD shirt! Wish it was acceptable to buy letter items after being alumni.. :(

    -The Plaid Princess

  2. LOVE All That Jas! :)

    I have a pick a pocket shirt from there. It's SO comfy and cute.

  3. I remember when I was in college at Elon ,All that JAS was the best place to get all of our sorority gear! They always had such great things! Brings back Memories!


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