Thursday, February 28, 2013


I have been so stressed lately. With midterms, tons of projects/tests/assignments for break, and the position I have in my sorority, I feel like I've been pulled a million different directions lately, which has led to tons of stress. Of course, stress is a normal part of life, but sometimes I need to do something that makes me relax, even if its just for 5 minutes! Here are some of my favorite stress relievers:

Stress Relief

  • Writing to-do lists--Getting my thoughts together and writing down exactly what I need to do always makes me feel SO much more organized!
  • Starbucks--As I'm sure y'all have noticed, Starbucks is basically an obsession of mine. Somehow a latte always makes me feel better!
  • Blogging--I love looking through blogs, commenting, and seeing what my blog friends are doing!
  • Cleaning--Yes, I stress clean. Organizing and cleaning my room always makes me feel so much more together.
  • Painting my nails--This makes me feel prettier, and is such a mindless task, I can watch 10 or 15 minutes of my favorite show while they dry.
What do you do when you're stressed? Any relaxation tips? Happy Thursday, lovely readers!

Miss Southern Prep

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random Ramblings of Miss Southern Prep

My thoughts are a little all over the place today, but here they are: 

I wish I had a boyfriend so I could buy him this bow tie from Lilly.
I'm loving this hairstyle I saw on Pinterest, and I'm hoping to try it out when I'm home on break! 

I received this monogrammed hat from Itzy Tripzy Baby a couple of weeks ago, and I am in love!

I wear hats to my 8 AM class basically every Tuesday and Thursday before I come home and shower. This hat hides my bad hair, and of course I think the monogram makes it even cuter! I have kind of a large head and a ton of hair, so this hat is great because the band is adjustable. It's also a really pretty blueish-teal color. Here are a few other products from Itzy Tripzy Baby that I love:

Monogrammed Koozies

Greek Hats

I'm crafting for my little over Spring Break, and am looking for some cute craft ideas. Here are some that I have pinned:   


Any other cute crafts you've seen?

LOVE this bikini! Wish I was going somewhere fab for break!

Can you believe March begins on Friday? SO crazy! I can't believe it--this semester is flying by!

Have a fabulous day!
Miss Southern Prep 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Loving: Lisa Vanderpump

One of my favorite housewives from all of the cities has to be Lisa Vanderpump. Not only is she hilarious, she's classy, fabulous, and loves pink, just like me.

 I love all of her fabulous accessories,

the great relationship she has with her hubby Ken, 

her adorable puppy, Jiggy,
her gorgeous dresses, 

her to die for closet,

and her ahh-mazing house.


Do you love Lisa as much as me? Who's your favorite housewife? Have an amazing day, y'all! 

Miss Southern Prep 
*All photos via Pinterest and Google Images

Monday, February 25, 2013

Well Vested

I've never really been into vests. I thought they made me look puffy and a lot bigger than I actually am, but since I've moved farther south, I've really gotten into them! There are a lot of days when it's coldish, but too warm for a heavier jacket and too cold for nothing.

When I was sent this adorable vest from You and ME Embroidery, I was instantly in love! I think I've worn it almost every day since I got it! I love the monogram--y'all know my obsession for monograms!
(Jewelry: Yurman, Scarf: Handpicked, Shirt: Old Navy)

And here are some more shops from You and ME Embroidery that I'm loving: 
Derby Hat

Monogrammed Zip Fleece

LOVE this burlap pillow

Monogrammed makeup bags

Do you love vests too? How would you wear a monogrammed one? Have a great day! 

Miss Southern Prep 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

Today, I thought I'd share some of my guilty pleasures with y'all.
Guilty Pleasures
  • Bravo--I love all of the Real Housewives and I've recently become addicted to Vanderpump Rules! 
  • Chick-fil-A--I LOVE chicken biscuits for breakfast. Some mornings, I allow myself to get one as a reward for going to my 8 AM haha. 
  • Gossip magazines--US Weekly is a weekly must-have. It's so nice to read something that's kind of mindless the end of the day to relax. 
  • Diet Dr. Pepper--My favorite is from a fountain (if you're a true addict, you can totally tell a difference). I could drink this all day, every day. 
  • Leggings--I put these or Norts on as soon as I come home at the end of the day! 
  • Starbucks--During the summer, I love an Iced Venti Black Tea with 2 splendas, during the fall, I love Pumpkin Spice, and during the winter, I love a Skinny Vanilla Latte. I'm addicted...
What are your guilty pleasures? Have a wonderful Thursday! 

Miss Southern Prep 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Q&A Session

Happy Wednesday, y'all! I've gotten quite a few emails lately asking me questions about myself, so I thought I'd do a Question and Answer post so you can ask me any questions you want! It can be anything from my favorite Lilly print to what I eat for breakfast. Looking forward to hearing y'alls questions! 

Have a fabulous day! 

Miss Southern Prep 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Change in Plan(ner)s

Last year I had a Lilly planner, and even though I loved it, I didn't think there was enough room for all of the homework, assignments, deadlines, etc. that I had to write in it.

So this year I decided to go with an Erin Condren life planner, and I've been regretting my decision ever since. I ordered the Erin Condren before I saw that largest Lilly planner, but I don't know if I would have ordered the Erin Condren if I had known that Lilly was coming out with a bigger planner. 

A couple of things made me choose the Erin Condren. I love the morning, day, and night sections, and I love all of the extra writing room in the back. I also thought it seemed a little more "grown up" and I loved that I could personalize the front with my name.

I  was so excited to get this planner, since I had heard so many rave reviews about them, but the problems began before I even received it! I had a terrible time with the shipping--the company promised my planner almost 5 days earlier than it actually arrived, but never apologized for their delay. 
(Monthly view)

When it finally arrived, I just didn't love it. I'm not really sure what it is that I don't love, but I am almost envious of the girls who have Lilly planners. I would love to switch, but I decided that I should try to stick it out until the new Lilly planners come out so I can get my money's worth. 

What kind of planner do you have? Have you tried out the Erin Condren planner? What do you think of it? Have a great day! 

Miss Southern Prep
*All opinions in this post are my own; this was not a sponsored post.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Monogrammed Norts

Confession: as soon as I'm "finished" for the day, I come home and put on a huge sweatshirt and leggings or Norts. I have a pair of Norts (Nike running shorts) that are SO old, they are literally falling apart, but I still love them. Of course I never wear them out, because they've gotten SO ratty, but they're just so comfortable! I have other pairs of Norts, but I still hadn't found a pair that could compete with this pair.

However, that changed about a week ago when I got this monogrammed pair (!!) of Norts from Keep Calm and Stitch On! I've already worn them on a lazy day this week, and I love the "extra touch" the monogram adds. Keep Calm and Stitch On also offers tons of other cute monogrammed goodies:
Monogrammed Boxers
Monogrammed Frocket
Another pair of Norts
Do you have a pair of monogrammed Norts? What do you wear on lazy days? Happy Friday!
Miss Southern Prep

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing you a day full of pink, love, and lots of sugary goodness!
Miss Southern Prep

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Later, Gator!

I don't know if y'all have seen the new Lilly items on Lifeguard Press' website, but when I was browsing their new line, one item caught my eye: the Lilly Pulitzer flash drive keychain in Chaquita Bonita.
Lifeguard Press was sweet enough to send me one, and I am LOVING it! I've already added it to my keychain and gotten tons of compliments on it!

The "head" of the gator comes off to reveal the flash drive:
This flash drive proves that technology can still be cute and functional! In addition to this keychain, I've loving these from the new line:

Lilly earbuds and case


iPad case

Mobile Charger
Have you checked out the new Lilly line at Lifeguard Press? What's your favorite item? Have a fabulous day!
Miss Southern Prep