Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Second Semester Already?!

I don't even want to start thinking about next semester, but I'm trying to get everything ready, so when I come back to school in January, everything will be ready for my new classes! Lifeguard Press sent me a wall Lilly calendar, so I have that on the wall, ready to be used for planning!
I also cleaned out all of my papers, my desk, and have my binder ready to go, thanks to Heather's Pretty Papers!
I'm super OCD when it comes to planning and organization, and since I'm taking 6 classes next semester, I want to make sure my binder is very organized! Heather was sweet enough to send me one of her Preppy Binder Dividers and Cover sets, and I cannot be more excited to show them off next semester!
My set!

Each set includes two binder covers--one for the front and back, a spine insert, and 5 dividers with tabs. I also love that each item is laminated, which makes it a lot more durable. Heather offers 3 different sets: the Preppy, the Martha, or the Lily. Of course, I went with the preppy, but here are the other two:
The Lily
The Martha
This the way my binder turned out:
 Love the hot pink with the navy!
And look at all of my fun dividers:
Although I'm not excited about having so many classes next semester, I am excited to start using my fun binder! Thanks again, Heather!
Have a wonderful day!
Miss Southern Prep

P.S. Thanks for all of the sweet birthday wishes! Y'all made my day!


  1. I took 6 classes both semesters of my senior and staying organized was the only way I survived! These binders are the cutest!

  2. Those are the cutest ever! I love organization - especially when it comes to my school stuff! I will absolutely be investing in those!

  3. Love this!! You are so on top of things!


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