Thursday, December 13, 2012

Poppy and Pippa

I know y'all have seen the no-crimp, knotted hair ties that have become so popular in the past year or so. I have been wanting to try them for a while, but just haven't justified buying them since I usually never put my hair up. However, I've been trying to change up my hair lately, so I've been trying different looks, and I've been wearing it up a lot more!
So when Poppy and Pippa offered to send me some of their gorgeous knotted hair ties, of course I said yes!
Here's the package they sent me, with tons of gorgeous colors:

I have really thick, heavy hair, so I've been using two, which is fun, because I can pair a couple of colors together! Here are the colors I wore yesterday:

A pretty green and hot pink! Please ignore the chipping nails....

In addition to knotted hair ties, Poppy and Pippa offers a ton of other cute, affordable hair accessories:

Love this hair clip!

Newborn headband

Christmas collection hair ties

How cute would these be in a little girl's hair?!

I'm loving all of their Christmas stuff, especially! If you're interested in purchasing some hair ties from Poppy and Pippa, use the code prep20 for 20% off your order! What's your favorite item from Poppy and Pippa? Have you jumped on the knotted hair tie band wagon yet? Have a great day!

Miss Southern Prep


  1. I've been wanting to try knotted hair ties of these days!

  2. I tried a different brand before and I found they got kind of stretched out/ ratty pretty quickly. I put my hair up all the time, too!

  3. I have been resisting these because my hair ties usually just hang out on my wrist and I think they would look too think and the knot would get stuck on everything, but you may have convinced me!

  4. I love these! They don't cut off your circulation like other hair ties, and they look super cute on my wrist. But I do agree that they tend to get ratty pretty quickly...I suppose that's just an excuse to buy more, though!

  5. I need to try these hair ties. By the end of the day my hair always seems to end up pulled back which also ends with unavoidable crimps. Maybe it's time I jump on the band wagon as well(:

  6. Love these! I love the Christmas collection!


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