Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Glam Grab

I know accessory auctions are super popular right now, so I finally jumped on the band wagon and tried out a bracelet from an amazing accesory website, Glam Grab. Glam Grab offers chic pieces on their website and they also have flash sales every Monday at 7:30 PM and on Wednesdays at 11:00 AM. Some of their piece are as low as $15!
I tried out one of their popular Ultimate Glam Pave Link Bracelet, which is definitely a statement piece!
I wore it out on my 21st, but I think it would be great for parties or just a night out! Here are some other pieces I have my eye on:
Camilla Watermelon Earrings
Coco Necklace

Monogram Necklace
Honey Bangle Set in Aqua
Have y'all shopped Glam Grab before? What's your favorite piece? Have a wonderful day!

Miss Southern Prep


  1. I know we have talked about this, but I totally asked for that Pave bracelet for Christmas!

  2. I'm going to get the Pave JCrew bracelet, is it well made? Erica

    1. I haven't checked out the Pave J. Crew bracelet, but I would definitely recommend the Glam Grab one! Right now it's on sale for $42, which is definitely cheaper than a lot of ones that I've seen, and it's made really well! It's also very chunky, which makes for an awesome statement piece!

  3. loving everything on this list! the link bracelet and monogram have been on my wish list forever!


  4. Love that pave bracelet! Too too cute!

  5. That bracelet looks like the one from J.Crew! in love!

  6. Wow the first bracelet is hot! Thanks for the tip. I see your a GG fan ; )

    Ali of:

  7. I love these items! I've never even even heard of Glam Grab, but I can already tell I'll be obsessed. Great post.

    Kelsey of:

  8. Ooh I've never even heard of them before, but now I'm resisting that pave bracelet. I've been eyeing the J.Crew one for months but it's just way too much $$$ for me, but this one is definitely tempting!

  9. That bracelet is so cute!!! I love all those jewelry auction companies!

  10. Those earrings are TO DIE FOR!!! Goodness!

  11. I'm OBSESSED with the first bracelet!! I'm hoping to find the monogrammed necklace under the tree this year- fingers crossed!


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