Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like my apartment.

Let me start off by saying, I love Christmas. Like a lot. My dream is to have multiple trees in my house when I get older. Some of y'all might think I'm crazy, but my roommates and I have already started decorating our apartment for Christmas! 

I love Thanksgiving, too and don't want to completely skip over it, but honestly, there is just not enough time to enjoy Christmas when we leave school after the second week of December! So, as soon as Halloween was over, my roommates and I decided that it would be Christmastime in our little apartment! Here are some pictures of Christmas in our apartment so far:

Christmas cookies
Listening to him non-stop

Red cup!
My newest pink ornament on the tree from Mongrams Etc.
Sallie from Monograms Etc sent me one of these gorgeous monogrammed ornaments from her shop!

When it arrived in the little holder!
Isn't it so unique?! I, of course, got mine in pink, but she also does them in tons of other colors. They're only $15 each, which is the perfect price for Christmas gifts for friends! Click here to check them out in her shop! 

When do you start decorating for Christmas? Have a fabulous day! 

Miss Southern Prep 


  1. I absolutely love Christmas!! It's not too early to start in my book. I haven't decorated yet however I have started the Christmas music and drinks/deserts!

  2. LOVE the ornament! Its rather scary that Christmas is just about upon us..I get weak at the knees thinking of it and all I have to do, but its exciting and such a beautiful season to celebrate....just have to get busy making my lists and checking them twice:)

  3. Christmas Pandora stations are always my go-to on a slow day at work!

  4. I've been to Starbucks too many times this week...mostly because of their Christmas cups... LOVE! I'm kind of anti Christmas music until Thanksgiving day...meaning you have to listen to double for me! oxo

  5. Sooo cute! I cannot wait to start decorating for the holidays :)

  6. I've definitely been going to Starbucks more than usual because of the red cups - they're the first sign that Christmas is coming! Other than gift shopping, I'm trying to make myself wait until December 1 to go into full holiday mode.


  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love those cookies, yum yum. I start my decorating the day after Thanksgiving. We get our tree Friday and make it pretty!! Christmas is my fav holiday!

  8. I will not let myself decorate until after Thanksgiving. but it is hard.

  9. We are the same person. I love love love Christmas!!! So cute!

  10. What cute Christmas cookies. Makes me hungry! :-)


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