Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review: GS Monograms

I was recently sent some monograms to review by a fellow Gamecock, Shannon, the owner of GS Monograms! Of course, I was more than thrilled to review these items, since you can never have too many monograms, in my opinion.
GS Monograms offers the best decal monograms--all of their monograms have a 6-year outdoor life, and all of the monograms come on sticky paper, which makes transferring them very easy! There are also tons of different colors and fonts available:

All of the colors available
Gorgeous font choices
Shannon was sweet enough to send me some awesome product from her shop:
A monogrammed cup, a 3" decal, and small 1/2" decals for my iPad and iPhone!

Do you remember my Lilly coffee mug from Lifeguard Press? Well, I decided to combine two of my favorite things, Lilly and monograms, and added my 3" decal to it! I used it for the first time yesterday and absolutely adored the way it looked!

Love my tumbler--I drank Diet Coke out of it last night as I did homework and watched the season premiere of Gossip Girl!
 And of course, I'm LOVING this little decal on my iPhone! I mean seriously, how cute?!
And the best part? All of these items are less than $11, with the tumbler being the most expensive at $10.50! The 1/2" decals were $4.50 for 6, and the 3" decal was only $4! Such a steal!
Here are some other cute products Shannon offers:
These earrings are perfect for any Gamecock!

Palmetto tree decal

Monogrammed palmetto tree tumblers--perfection!
Wouldn't this monogram be perfect to add to a Camelbak?

These name decals are perfect for little kids' cups or plates!
Don't you just love GS Monograms' stuff? And seriously, the prices could not get any better! If you're interested in ordering anything from Shannon's shop, I would order ASAP, because she's taking a Etsy hiatus starting in November. I'm thinking about putting in some orders before her vacation, because these monograms add the perfect personalized touch to any gift!
Hope you have a fabulous day!
Miss Southern Prep


  1. Love the monogram on your tumbler.

  2. I love GS Monograms!! I order all the time! I actually think I might have a monogram from her coming to my mailbox soon, if it isn't already there, haha.

  3. yay! just got my iphone 5 cover. monogrammed, of course!

  4. Very cute! I'm looking around for things to put these on haha. I adore the Iphone decal, hopefully they'll make some for the Galaxy S3's home button.

  5. Hey ya'll!! Thanks for the love! Tell your friends ... monograms are awesome!! I am on Instagram too.. follow me @GSMonograms

  6. These are awesome! Love the cup decal!

  7. I want a nalgene bottle!!! NICE NICE NICE!

  8. I never even knew about this. Going to check out the shop right now! Thanks for sharing :] xo


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