Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Charleston Recap!

On Saturday, I went to Charleston for the day, and I had the best time. I ate tons of amazing food, visited the Open Air Market, and did some shopping on King Street. Nothing could have made it better, in my book! Here's my picture recap of the day: 
The famous Charleston baskets were everywhere! They are so pretty, but so expensive!

I couldn't pass a USC table without taking a picture!

There was a Tervis store right next door! I had never been to a Tervis store before!
Carriage rides!

I love that there's Christmas trees in the Christmas shop year-round!

Hyman's is literally the BEST food you'll have in Charleston. It's super-touristy, but my family and I go every time we come, because it is so good. The wait is definitely worth it! I had broiled scallops, mac&cheese, a crabcake, and hush puppies! It was so yummy, but I was stuffed!

Carolina shrimp and grits was also a side at Hyman's! Yes, this was one meal--they literally stuff you! These are the best shrimp and grits I've ever had.
Kate Spade store!

Finally, how precious are these monogrammed baby loafers?! I found them in a monogram shop, and I seriously thought about buying them just because they are SO precious!
What did you do over the weekend? Have a great day! 

Miss Southern Prep 


  1. Those loafers are too cute!

  2. Those baby loafers-- too cute!! Love Charleston, thanks for the recap!

  3. I have never been to Charleston but would love to visit someday. LOVE shrimp and grits and those look amazing!

  4. I love Charleston! I was just there in May!

  5. Sounds like the perfect day! Love those loafers!

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm swooning over those baby loafers! I recently found out I'm going to be an aunt and I would have totally bought those if I were in your shoes haha!


  7. Looks like such a great time. I've had Charleston on my "places to visit" list for ages now.

  8. My mom bought me ine if those baskets and I love it! Looks like a fabulous trip!

  9. I was there in August- LOVE IT and this post is making me want to return! Do my babies need those loafers? YES PLEASE!

  10. Looks like a great trip and how cute are those monogrammed baby loafers! xo

  11. I visited Charleston with my parents this past summer. It was amazing! I loved the huge mansions, the bright colors, and the great shops. Truly a beautiful place! Look's like you had a fab time there as well!


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