Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lifeguard Press Goodies

I've previously ordered from Lifeguard Press before, and honestly, I've always been SO pleased with their customer service. About a year ago, I bought a Lilly frame at the Lilly store, but it broke about a month later. I took it back to the Lilly store, but they said that I would have to call Lifeguard Press, since it had been over a month since I bought it. Anyway, I called Lifeguard Press, and they sent me a new frame for free and an apology note! Since then, I've been very impressed with their customer service!
So when I was sent two new Lilly items to review from Lifeguard Press, I was more than happy to oblige!
(Nail color: Lincoln Park After Dark)

First, I was sent this adorable coffee tumbler in "See You Later." I have a serious coffee addiction, so this tumbler has been perfect to use on my way to school every morning. I also love how bright and cheery the print is--how can your day start off badly when you're drinking out of this?!
A close-up of the pattern! So cute!
They also sent me a large Lilly wall calendar. I didn't get a Lilly planner this year, and I'm definitely missing all of the fun prints, so I knew I would just love the calendar! I'm a very visual person, so I always like to look at my calendar and see what's coming up. Although this calendar doesn't start until January 2013, I already have it hanging up near my desk, because who doesn't love a little more Lilly in their room?!
Have you ever ordered from Lifeguard Press? Have a terrific Thursday!
Miss Southern Prep 


  1. See you Later is one of my favorites!! So sweet!

  2. I love the wall calendar! Ps you won my Southern Tide giveaway!!

  3. That is so so cute! Love the gator print! :)

  4. Lifeguard press always has such fun things.. I want that calendar!

  5. I've heard of Lifeguard Press but I haven't ordered anything before :( I need to, though! I'm loving your calendar and your mug!!

  6. So awesome you get fun things to review :)


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