Thursday, August 9, 2012

Preppy Dorm Showcase

Happy Thursday, readers! A couple of years ago (before I started my blog), one of my favorite bloggers, Summer Wind, had a preppy dorm showcase, and I loved it! I loved getting to see tours of preppy dorm rooms and all of the cute comforters and decorations each girl had in her room! 

So, I was hoping to host my own Preppy Dorm Room showcase this fall! It would be open to both bloggers and non-bloggers, and of course it would be open to anyone who has either a college apartment or a dorm room. I'm going to leave this open for about a week, from today (8/09) until next Thursday (8/16). If you're interested, please email me at, and we'll figure out the details! I'm hoping to feature at least 5 rooms, but I'm going to cap it at 10, so email me ASAP if you're interested! 

Would y'all be interested in seeing a Preppy Dorm showcase? Have a great day! 

Miss Southern Prep


  1. this is such a cute idea! i'm still in high school, but i can't wait to decorate my dorm:)

  2. Such a great idea! It'll be nice to get some new decorating inspiration.

  3. aww I don't move in until the 18th, but I can't wait to see everyone else's dorms. Hopefully I will get some good ideas!

  4. Awww if only I was still in college!!! I can't wait to see everyone's rooms, though :)

  5. Id love to participate. I dont move in till September but I have pictures from last year! Have a happy Friday and be sure to check out my giveaway ending soon :).


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!