Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday, lovely readers! Here's what I've been up to lately:

visiting the lake,

sipping watermelon margaritas (they're super tasty!),

shopping (I got these at Old Navy for only $25!),

and indulging in my favorite summer Starbucks drink, a mocha frappuccino light.

I've been really busy between packing, nannying, and getting all of my stuff ready for school, but I'm trying to make sure I get to all of your lovely blogs!

What have you been doing lately? Have a fabulous day!

Miss Southern Prep

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  1. That watermelon marg looks delish!

  2. Sounds like you've had such a great summer! :) Love the shoes - so great!! I'm just getting ready to go abroad - I leave for London in less than 2 weeks! Eek!

  3. Is that a lilly coaster I spy? Watermelon margaritas sound delicious and I love those old navy flats! Have a happy Tuesday and be sure to check out my low entry giveaway ending soon :).

  4. Those flats are so cute and I cannot believe they are from Old Navy. I really need to go there this week. xo

  5. oooh those flats from ON are super cute and a watermelon margarita give me one now please!

  6. I love taking the boat out on the lake!!! Unfortunately, today it's raining here in GA ):
    Woohoo!What a great deal on those cute flats! I love Starbucks too! Lately, I'm really into the Hibiscus Refresher!(:

  7. Those flats are adorable!! Could totally go for one of those margs right about now

  8. LOVING those flats and your blog!! Now Following!!

    xx Jess @ lifeunderthecitylights.blogspot.com

  9. That watermelon margarita sounds delish! And your flats are too cute, I love Old Navy.

  10. ah I LOVE the starbucks mocha frap light :) and the watermelon margaritas sound delicious ;)

  11. Can't believe Summer is ending so soon! That margarita sounds delish!


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!